Porn 101

Porn Set Terminology

Pop shot – the footage of male ejaculation, usually at the end of a sex scene. This shot is extremely difficult to do over or recreate, so there is usually a pause beforehand to make sure the set is quiet and the crew and performers all know what they’re supposed to do during it.

Setting up (for the pop shot) – Setting up is getting into or rehearsing a move into the position where the pop shot will occur.

Facial – Facial is when the pop shot happens on a performer’s face. There is a chance that semen will end up in your eye if you are on the receiving end of a facial. Facial can also mean getting your pores unclogged by an aesthetician, which you might want to do if you regularly have foundation and semen on your face.

Open up/Close up – Opening up means rearranging your body so the camera can see your genitals and the genitals of your partners better. Closing up means rearranging your body so the camera cannot see genitals or penetration.

Softcore – Softcore is the reason you might need to “close up.” When softcore is being shot, penetration is not necessary since the camera cannot see it. Whether you choose to have penetrative sex during softcore is up to you and your partners.

FIP – FIP is a fake internal pop. Emphasis on fake. At the end of a softcore scene, a male performer may pretend to ejaculate in whichever hole they are penetrating.

Creampie – A creampie is when a male performer ejaculates inside the hole they are penetrating for real.

Pretty girls – You’re all pretty. “Pretty girls” refers to still photographs which are usually glamorous and are separate from the hardcore or sex stills. These photos are typically used for box cover art, promotional materials, and secondary content for websites.

Girly stuff – “Go do your girly stuff” means go make sure your genitals are up to whatever your standard of cleanliness is because sex is going to be shot soon. A female performer might check their labia for stray bits of toilet paper, give the inside of their vaginas a wipe with their fingers or a rinse with bottled water, or use a chemical douche. Girly stuff does not mean text people while messing around with your hair in the bathroom mirror, which Stoya learned the hard way.

Edge – Basically means a hard penis. A director may say “Get your edge” to a male performer, meaning he should get his dick hard. Or a performer with a penis might say “Let me get my edge” meaning that they need a minute… to get their dick hard. I don’t know why we’re all using euphemisms for hard dicks, it’s not like we aren’t touching them or filming people touching them for money.

Douche – Menstrual blood is typically avoided in pornographic videos due to concerns about obscenity, and some directors also prefer to avoid showing naturally occurring cervical mucus – which is that slimy white stuff that may hang out in your vagina at certain points in your cycle. You can rinse the inside of your vagina with a douche of bottled or tap water, vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, saline, or chemical solutions. Or orange juice, for that matter. Not saying it’s a good idea, though. Please talk to a medical professional before deciding what liquids you’re going to use and how frequently you are comfortable douching. Do not drink the douche.

Enema – Because videos of sexual acts involving fecal matter are considered obscene, cleaning out your butthole before performing an anal scene is encouraged. There are many methods of cleaning out one’s rectum. Many performers dump the contents of the enema bottle out, rinse the bottle, and use warm bottled water. Do not drink the enema, and get a medical professional’s opinion before shoving random liquids in your butt.

Gonzo – Gonzo scenes may involve interaction with the director (an interview, participation in dialogue, or sex in the case of POV scenes), acknowledgement of the camera by the performers, or simply a more “reality” style scene.

Feature – Feature scenes or movies are more focused on storyline, dialogue, and acting. They usually take longer to shoot than a gonzo scene. Sometimes a whole lot longer. There may be entire days devoted to dialogue scenes where no sex is shot.

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