An Acknowledgment

Aug 29, 2021 | Statements

Dear fellow performers:

There can be no progress where there is no acknowledgment of failure. We cannot heal or move forward as a unified workforce if we are afraid to defend each other publicly. As a workforce, we failed Katrina Jade. We failed to listen and defend her when she needed us.

A horrible bully has been allowed to continue working and pressuring other performers into dangerous and illegal activities right under everyone’s noses. We must, as a group, accept responsibility for this failure and take real steps to see that it doesn’t happen again.

FSC, APAG, AILA, and APAC are all here to help. We are working together to create tools and systems so that we will all have the ability to safely and effectively respond to these situations.

In the meantime, performers, you have our love and support. You are never alone. We must stand together and never feel afraid to call it out when we witness or are subject to bad actions. Do not let anyone bully you into silence. Not your agent, producer, director, crew, or partner. None of them are stronger than all of us.

While we always condone taking a deep breath and making sure we have the facts straight rather than knee-jerk reactions to allegations or headlines alone, we must never let that caution turn to inactivity. Together we can and will make the adult entertainment industry a safer, more positive place where all performers can thrive.

In deepest solidarity,
The APAC Board