APAC Letter of Support for the Jane Does

Nov 12, 2019 | Statements

The Adult Performer Advocacy Committee stands in solidarity with the Jane Does who have chosen to come forward with allegations against their former talent agent, Derek Hay.

We know that it takes an enormous amount of courage and conviction for any performer to speak out in a situation like this, and we applaud their bravery. We want them to know that they are seen, and that their grievances are heard by the adult film community. As in any professional environment, so in the adult industry: misuse of power or abuse of authority must never be tolerated.

While we are in no position to pass legal judgment regarding the allegations or to state with certainty the legal accountability of any entity or its actions in this case, APAC supports any performer who speaks out to advocate for themselves and others. We hope, regardless of the outcome of this case, that performers continue to speak their truth and fight for a better industry.

Thank you for your courage.

The Board of the Adult Performer Advocacy Committee