APAC Encourages Solidarity Now More Than Ever

Apr 27, 2020 | APAC News

The Adult Performer Advocacy Committee was founded and continues to exist in order to give performers in the adult industry their own voice. APAC stands in solidarity with all factions of the adult entertainment industry, but its primary purpose is to advocate for the rights and well-being of the performers.

APAC has evolved to serve as an information resource for new and veteran performers. We hope to preserve the wisdom and culture of our membership so that it may be passed on to future generations and continue to improve the experience of all adult performers.

APAC was never intended to serve as any kind of governing body, nor is it our function to pass judgment or settle disputes. We are a resource to performers in need and a platform on which they can stand to amplify their voices. Now, during these uncertain times, we can use what voice we have to signal boost and support the efforts of those who are setting a good example and, when necessary, raise attention to issues of concern to our membership as a whole.

At this time, APAC applauds the efforts of Talent Testing Service in beginning to establish a testing protocol that may allow performers to safely return to work during the Covid-19 crisis. We encourage all factions of the industry to work together to come up with the best system we can in order to get back to business in a safe and responsible manner.

APAC also wishes to encourage everyone in the industry to refrain from passing judgment on each other. We recognize that everyone must do what they have to in order to survive, and that will look different for each one of us. For some of us, it may mean returning to work the moment there is a protocol in place. For others, it may mean waiting longer until that system is tested and proven reliable. Each of us must decide what level of risk is acceptable to us. What we must not do is turn on each other and begin fighting among ourselves. We must empathize with and believe in each other. We must strive to do our work in the most ethical way possible, neither putting ourselves or others at unnecessary risk nor allowing ourselves to become paralyzed by fear.

Let us all proceed with caution and continue to support one another as we have been doing so beautifully during this crisis.