This is OUR Industry

Jul 8, 2020 | Statements

The Adult Entertainment Industry has seen many allegations surface over the past month. Many performers have come forward about experiences on set with major companies such as Gamma, who must reevaluate their policies and their staff. Many stories have come to light concerning Johnny Love, an industry-adjacent nightlife figure known for the Soft Leather events, which APAC will not be a part of moving forward. There is even an assault case pending against Ron Jeremy. APAC supports all victims of assault. We also acknowledge that many more are remaining silent about their own sexual assault or harassment experiences. They do this out of fear of retaliation, loss of work, or the hurdles to getting justice via the legal system. This is a much bigger problem than we could tackle in one statement or with one action. This is a society-wide problem of a system that silences assault survivors and particularly marginalizes those who are sex workers.

APAC, as an organization, must build a path to action if we wish to see change. We are currently collaborating with The Free Speech Coalition (FSC) to build a reporting system and improve consent and sexual harassment standards within the business. We continue to support survivors with the resources at our disposal. We are not an investigative body or a legal fund, nor can we make allegations. We can, however, seek out legal and mental health resources for survivors and recommit to doing so for any performer who needs them, no questions asked.

This is our industry. We, the performers, are its lifeblood. At this moment in history, we have unprecedented leverage and opportunities to reshape it into a more just and equitable industry for all who work in it. We hope to work together with producers, agents, distributors, and the press to create something new and empowering where all members of the adult entertainment industry feel valued, safe, and able to express themselves artistically and without fear.

In solidarity,
The APAC Board