APAC Statement on Performer Safety, Stigma, and HIV

Nov 22, 2017 | Health & Safety, Statements

Los Angeles, CA—November 22, 2017—Stigma is not new to the adult film industry. It affects our lives daily. It informs how we approach challenges in the political arena. It influences how we as an industry grow to improve workplace safety, maintain privacy, and develop community. APAC stands firmly on the belief that outing a marginalized individual is an act of violence. Stigma in its manifestation in legislation, behavior, and violence is a threat to the safety and life of those affected by stigma. APAC remains on the side of performer safety, privacy, and consent.

Recently a group of individuals called for a nonconsensual breach of privacy—They called for the release of the name of the performer who tested HIV positive after an off-set transmission in April. HIV carries its own stigma that is often leveraged by interested groups at the cost of a greatly othered population. This dangerous call to action comes on the wave of misinformation in regard to testing and blatant stigmatization. APAC will never condone the violation of medical or personal privacy because as an advocacy group we understand that nonconsensual outing is an act of violence.

APAC aims to bring clarity and challenge stigma to continue our mission of community education and support. Performers with a confirmed HIV positive test are no longer able to be included in Performer Availability Screening Services (PASS). We have a developed a succinct graphic (see below) to clarify the current performer testing protocols, PASS, as well as factual information on HIV science. Due to scientific advancements in HIV prevention, those with HIV are able to reduce their viral load to the point that HIV in their system is no longer transmittable. Similarly, medications also exist for those who are negative to avoid contracting it.

Oftentimes with scientific progress in a controversial arena, there are those who will rise up with arguments that rely heavily on preexisting stigma to leverage fear over fact. In reality, medication and treatment exists to reduce the incidence of HIV in the general and industry population. This landmark medical advancement reduces risk. APAC places performer safety above the stigma that endangers the adult performer community.

We will continue to create spaces that are trauma informed, inclusive, and safe. We aim to include the active adult performer community to participate in the discussions that effect our safety, consent, privacy, and health. In our approach to advocacy there is no place for harassment, scare tactics, or perpetuation of violence through stigma.