APAC Takes Position on Racial Discrimination in the Adult Entertainment Industry

Sep 19, 2016 | Health & Safety

Like many industries, the adult film industry has struggled to deal with the issue of racial inequality, and APAC wishes to address this problem in response to the growing concerns of our members. Therefore, it is the firmly held position of the Adult Performer Advocacy Committee (APAC) that all members of our community must take steps to end discriminatory practices based on race.

Although it is common practice to vary scene rates on performer experience and scene content, it is APAC’s position that paying a performer less based on his/her race or charging a higher rate to work with performers of another race is unfair and unethical. Treating a performer’s race as a determining factor for pay is a violation of performer rights as well as a violation of federal workplace discrimination laws.

APAC is aware that using race as a determining factor in work and pay rate has become common business practice. However, we feel this must change in order to create better work environments in the industry. Although APAC supports and respects the personal choices that performers make when it comes to rates, scene partners, and types of scenes to work in, we feel choosing to work with someone based on race as a business practice has a negative impact on the performer community. It is important to keep in mind that scene partners are not simply personal sex partners on set; they are co-workers. It is not an acceptable practice in any other industry to choose who someone works with solely based on race.

With the intent to protect the rights of performers and also create safe and positive work environments, APAC seeks to encourage performers, producers, and agents to do their part in creating a comfortable, professional work environment that does not violate the rights of workers on set. We also ask you to consider how the choices you make may affect other performers and the community overall. Again, although you have the right to the choices you make, we ask people to consider the consequences your choices have on the integrity of our community as well as our peers.

APAC believes in creating work environments where performers feel they are treated fairly and with respect, and with our new position, we hope to lead the way in changing adult film industry business practices that do not fall in line with creating better environments for all performers.