APAC Addresses Allegations of Racially-Charged Language on Set

Jul 6, 2017 | Statements

LOS ANGELES, CA—JULY 6, 2017—The Adult Performer Advocacy Committee would like to remind directors and producers that racially-motivated hiring practices, pay discrepancies, and verbal harassment are illegal and can be tried in a court of law.

Minorities across the workforce are protected by several laws- including Title VII, the Civil Rights Act of 1866, and state and federal workplace harassment laws. Racial harassment in the workplace is a criminal offense. In this regard, production companies are subject to the same laws as other industries and ignore these laws to their own detriment.

Directors, photographers, producers, and all production assistants are expected to uphold the same level of professionalism mirrored in the Performer Code of Conduct. The Model Bill of Rights provides all performers a base standard of boundary guidelines for maintaining a safe and comfortable work experience on set. Any production company unfamiliar with the contents of either is encouraged to visit the APAC website and review these documents, and to assure all directors and photographers they hire are familiar with these guidelines, as well.

The Adult Performer Advocacy Committee condones legal and ethical hiring practices, as well as on-set behavior, and continues to stand behind performers who face illegal or unethical treatment. No performer deserves to face intimidation in the workplace, racial or otherwise. Racism and other aggressive misconduct reflect negatively on the community altogether. Directors should be mindful in a small populace such as the adult film community, safety and comfort are top priorities.